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Welcome to PysankyUSA!

Welcome to PysankyUSA

Welcome To Your One Stop Pysanky Supply Store PysankyUSA!

Home of Colorama Dyes©,BeeBestWax©, PysankyPlugs©, and all of your pysanky needs.

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 PysankyUSA Retreats 2014/2015

Join my Yahoo group, PysankyUSA, for free! You will meet pysanky artists from all over the world, gain access to hundreds of pysanky pieces done by our group's artists, access years of archives, join in live chat twice a week, and best of all get all of your breaking pysanky news in one spot. Apply for membership at:

PysankyUSA Store is now open to the public, by appointment only.

If you are planning to be in the Wilkes Barre, PA area, Please call in advance to set up appointment to visit (11am to 7 pm) 570-821-1984... Sorry, at this time the walk in store is not set up for credit cards.

 If you are planning to attend the 2015 PysankyUSA Retreat,payment deadline is June 20th. for those attending from outside of the USA, please contact Jim at Thank You, hope to see you there.

If you just need a few dyes save some money and use the drop down tab at the top of the store page.

Due to Avian Flu We are not able to restock Turkey Eggs this year.All prior stock sold was 'flu' free.Not to worry, just one more way we are protecting our customers.




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