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#01 Small Pysanky Plugs/10 pack
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#01 Small Pysanky Plugs/10 pack

Product Information

I drill most of my eggs with 1/8th of an inch hole, this way the egg will fit on a shish-ka-bob stick. The 'Pysanky Plugs' are geared for this size hole and up. The Small (clear) plug will block and plug quail to small goose egg size eggs. The plugs are made of  Silicone, all you need do is gently twist the plug into place and it will lock the egg offWhen you are finished , just twist the plug out.. 'Pysanky Plugs' are reusable, just wash and dry them and set them aside for your next egg project. Yes you may also wax around the plug if you are a doubting Thomas. The great thing about the 'Pysanky Plug is that it will also expand hair line cracks at the opening, saving you time from working on a bad egg.    Small Clear Plug 10 pack(fits holes slightly larger then Blas Fix drill hole)


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