#01 Deluxe Multi Tip Electric Kistka Deluxe Kit

#01 Deluxe Multi Tip Electric Kistka Deluxe Kit
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Product Information

 All New ! (Original had a white green ridge grip area) This Multitip Electric Kistka  is 120 Volt,and  includes fine, medium, and heavy tips: tips are interchangeable.
Also included in this kit is the deluxe cleaning wire and mini screwdriver.
Electric Kistkas are all new and improved and have a cool heat resistant handle.

Product Code 001MTEK
Stock Level 7
Condition New

Customer Reviews

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I love this thing!

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When my wife and I first started learning pysanky, we had a set of delrin kistkas my aunt had given my sister. They were fun at first, but got incredibly frustrating very quickly. We liked pysanky so much though, that I started researching electric kistkas. We bought one with the included tips, and discovered we couldn't share well. So now we have two along with one tip each of extra-fine, fine, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy. I can't imagine life without this thing! (Apr 11 2017, 16:28 PM)


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Electrics are awesome. As others said, consistent temperature and no soot. Also, because they don't get soot, different colors of wax show up the different colors. Helpful when you want to see through clear wax, when you have trouble seeing where you did which lines, and also you can use different colors in different size tips so you can easily see which lines are which size (for those of us who start an egg and don't come back to it for days). I bought a stationary tip first and I still have it and use it. But this one is so much better. Not only can you change sizes of tips, you can rotate tips easily for more even wear. You can also replace damaged tips. If you get wax dripped into the foam handle covering, you can squeeze it out while the kistka is hot. Just wrap it in a napkin or paper towel or tissues and squeeze out the melted wax. The foam will be practically like new. (Feb 20 2017, 18:39 PM)

Love this thing

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No more inconsistent wax temperature. No more blobs from an overheated kistka (but blot it when you start, especially right after filling, as you would any kistka). No more soot. Heats up quickly and has a comfortable, soft foam grip. This one is shorter in length than the other brand PysankyUSA carries, which means there's less stuff in your way when egging. Travel tip - Fits nicely in a small makeup bag for travel purposes, which also helps protect the tip. Cool it first, of course. Tips fit well in pill organizers, which keeps them safe for storage and for travel. (Feb 27 2015, 19:47 PM)

New Handle

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This was my first kistka when it had a green ridged grip place on the handle. I just bought the new heat resistant foam handle kistka, and I love it. Waxart gives me the largest selection of tips. Thank you Jim for suggesting it. The kistka is fantastic like my original, only better with the new handle, and so easy to hold too. (Mar 20 2013, 19:01 PM)
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