Dye Conversion Chart

PysankyUSA Dye Conversion Chart

  PUSA For dyes that work every time, this chart will help those that used Surma Dyes in the past.

                          Surma out of business
UGS Yellow            Surma Yellow        PUSA #20 Lemon Zest
UGS  Orange**          Surma  Orange      PUSA #50 Tangerine * 
UGS Scarlet            Surma  (None)       PUSA #13 Fire Engine
UGS Lt Blue           Surma Lt Blue       PUSA  #70 Forget Me Not
UGS Lt green         Surma  Green         PUSA  #68 Spring Green
UGS Black              Surma  Black          PUSA  #75 Black Velvet
UGS Gold**               Surma  (None)         PUSA  #39 Marigold
UGS Turquoise     Surma Aquamarine PUSA  # 3 Aquamarine
UGS Red                Surma Bright Red   PUSA  # 30 Rose Red
UGS Dark Red      Surma  Dark Red    PUSA  # 58 Beet
UGS Brown           Surma  Brown         PUSA  # 77 Mud Pie
UGS Brick             Surma Trypillian    PUSA  # 57 Navajo Clay
UGS Dk Green     Surma  (None)          PUSA  # 59 Frog
UGS Pink**              Surma  Pink             PUSA  # 28 Plum  (not a true pink)
UGS Purple          Surma  Violet           PUSA  # 31 Royal Purple
UGS  Royal Blue  Surma  Dark Blue   PUSA  # 56 Blue Blazes
UGS Pumpkin      Surma  (None)         PUSA  # 72 Shrimp
              Surma  Powder Setting Powder       PUSA Setting Powder ***
     * PUSA # 50 can be used with or without vinegar. If vinegar is used it may cloud or form mother, This will not effect the dye, you can strain it. For a vibrant orange dye that takes vinegar with no problems try # 37 Carrot.
      ** UGS No Vinegar in these dyes
     Please remember PysankyUSA Colorama Dyes begin to set in 15 seconds. No double pack mixing is necessary for strong colors. Never leave an egg unattended in a dye bath. If the dye has special properties, or mixing instructions, they are listed on the dye selling section of the chart, you will also get notification on your bill.
     *** Setting Powder aids in increasing the acid level in your dye bath for smoother coverage (ours is chemical grade). You may also add a pack to 2 cups of 5% white vinegar to make a stronger acid etching vinegar
            You can do dye progression with either company. Or you can do a wash back using a soft brush, and a 1 part Ivory dish detergent  to 2 parts water (store in a pump bottle) If you find a missed area with the wash back method, you can correct
your mistake. The wash back method is not recommended for duck eggs.

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